Ether (digital download)


Ether (digital download)

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2014 album, sometimes slightly more rhythmic, still Dark Ambient, disturbing noises, minimal melodies and organic sounds

Product Description

Roleplayers, Cthulhu-fans and Dark Ambient-lovers will be carried off into a cryptic and mysterious reality: In “Seltsame Blüten treiben” we can hear real existing and unexplainable sounds, “Vintem Hill” composes the mysterious death of the men with the led-masks.

Although some songs are slightly more rhythmic, “Musica Cthulhiana” have remained true to their concept: Dark Ambient, disturbing noises, minimal melodies, organic sounds featured by dark drones. The album “Ether” acts as a complete work and mysteriously sounds through the night.

Additional Information

file formats

AAC 320 kbps, AppleLossless, FLAC, MP3 320 kbps, OGG 320 kbps, WAV (16-bit uncompressed)

total play time

1h 18m



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Track List

  1. Das Beinhaus
  2. Seltsame Blüten Treiben
  3. Menhir Ginger
  4. The Missing Link
  5. Aarnivalkea
  6. Dweller on the Threshold
  7. Vintém Hill
  8. Through the Fugue
  9. VRIL
  10. My Body Vehicle
  11. Totentanz
  12. Refibrillator
  13. Cthulhu Epitaph


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