Fragment (digital download)


Fragment (digital download)

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  • 2o album tracks
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Product Description

Two hours of pure horror inspired by the cult author H.P. Lovecraft. All tracks flow seamlessly into each other. That comes very handy for ambient-lovers who want to accompany a whole evening with dark sound or the gamemaster that does not want to play disc-jockey during the game.

In a discreet way the music creates a very dark and threatening backround with its organic sounds. Minimalistic melodies, lost in eternity, melt into soundscapes – somewhere between Aphex Twin and “doom-ridden-jazz” by Bohren und der Club of Gore.

“Fragment” easily seeps into one’s stream of consciousness through gentle unassuming and discreet sound. Its genius lies in a more insidious and terrifying way for what they have done is insert a number of small ambient musical cues into the flow whether it is the beat of a heart or weirdly sounding screeches. The effect is unnerving and unsettling as these almost organic textures haunt you while you listen and long after you put away the music. (Kafka,


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Digital Booklet (PDF-Format)

file formats

AAC 320 kbps, AppleLossless, FLAC, MP3 320 kbps, OGG 320 kbps, WAV (16-bit uncompressed)

DRM free

All file-formats ar 100% DRM-free.

total play time

2h 03m

Track List

  1. Dr. Gorgo
  2. Onncult
  3. Madness
  4. Avril Noir (Exposition)
  5. Arkham Sanatorium
  6. The Bell Fragment
  7. Pale Palace
  8. Kaventsmanns Tod
  9. Okophagn
  10. Einschlaf Path
  11. Dürrepol
  12. Prowler
  13. Jack's Method
  14. Kammerflimmern
  15. Avril Noir (Ouverture)
  16. Biosphäre
  17. Deep Orbit Anvil
  18. Das Schauhaus
  19. 13.37
  20. The Ascent


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