Fragment (2-CD album, limited edition)

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Limited 2-CD-set with over 2,5 hours of music, jewel-case and full-color booklet. With five extra tracks!

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In a discreet way the music creates a very dark and threatening backround with its organic sounds. Minimalistic melodies, lost in eternity, melt into soundscapes – somewhere between Aphex Twin and “doom-ridden-jazz” by Bohren und der Club of Gore.

More than two and a half hours of pure horror inspired by the cult author H.P. Lovecraft (The new movie “Mountains of madness” based on Lovecrafts novel is to be directed by Guilermo del Torro (“Blade”, “Hellboy”). All tracks flow seamlessly into each other. That comes very handy for ambient-lovers who want to accompany a whole evening with dark sound or the gamemaster that does not want to play disc-jockey during the game.

After seven years the waiting has finally come to an end. For friends of the Dark-Ambient genre and pen-and-paper players of the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

“Fragment” easily seeps into one’s stream of consciousness through gentle unassuming and discreet sound. Its genius lies in a more insidious and terrifying way for what they have done is insert a number of small ambient musical cues into the flow whether it is the beat of a heart or weirdly sounding screeches. The effect is unnerving and unsettling as these almost organic textures haunt you while you listen and long after you put away the music. (Kafka,


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Limited Edition

Limited 2-CD-Set with beautiful artwork and an additional 5 songs compared to the digital download album release.


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3 reviews for Fragment (2-CD album, limited edition)

  1. Kafka

    The great novelty this album offers is that is perfectly suited to creating the right mood for Call of Cthulhu or Kult RPG – combined with dimmed lights. As the music not there to scare your players but just add to spooky vibe you are trying to create.

  2. Dark Ambient Radio

    (…) this release deserves a bit more attention than as a game supplement. The style is described as “Dark-ambient, doom-jazz, horror-electronic and strange noises. Drone to minimal melodies.” And just alone for bringing dark ambient together with jazz (like in the track Onncult), this little masterpiece deserves to be noticed. But there is more to be discovered in the 25 tracks of the 2CD — just as the announcement promises. For example, the track ‘Arkham Sanatorium’ curiously reminds me of some sounds used in another hommage to Lovecrafts works: “The Music of Erich Zann” by Forma Tadre.

  3. Cthulhu Webshop

    Perfekt für Spielleiter die die Spielrunde nicht für Musikwechsel unterbrechen möchten oder den Ambient-Liebhaber der gleich den ganzen Abend untermalen möchte.

    Über zweieinhalb Stunden schwarzes Grauen inspiriert von den Erzählungen H. P. Lovecrafts.

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