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The Lovecraftian Bundle – Groupbuy

It’s a 2-week Pay What You Want ($1 minimum) sale featuring 4 video games, 5 albums, ebooks and more, all inspired by the works of HPL. Customers can choose for part of their contribution to be donated to Freedom For Jen, to help a woman living with Muscular Dystrophy get a ramp so she can drive.

And it’s an easy way for you to get our album “The Fourth” for just 1$ – but of course you’re encouraged to pay a little more. The 3 top contributors even get a physical copy of “Ether” for free!

So hop over to and check it out – it’ll be there for 2 weeks only!

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New album “Ether” out now!

Roleplayers, Cthulhu-fans and Dark Ambient-lovers will be carried off into a cryptic and mysterious reality: In „Seltsame Blüten treiben“ we can hear real existing and unexplainable sounds, „Vintem Hill“ composes the mysterious death of the men with the led-masks.

Get it here:

Although some songs are slightly more rhythmic, „Musica Cthulhiana“ have remained true to their concept: Dark Ambient, disturbing noises, minimal melodies, organic sounds featured by dark drones. The album „Ether“ acts as a complete work and mysteriously sounds through the night.

Even the costly booklet is more than meets the eye does it continue to tell a dark-pictured story of the „Ether“.